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Terms and Conditions

When booking a Live Speed Dating Event, or registering your details on our website(s), you hereby acknowledge your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. Furthermore you consent and warrant that you have the right, authority and capacity to abide by all of the Terms and Conditions within.

At Live Speed Dating Events, LLC (LSDE) our main goal as event organizers is to provide an opportunity for singles to meet one another in a safe and relaxed environment. We are not a dating service or a matchmaking agency and we do not verify personal information of those participating at our events. It is your responsibility to verify the personal details and backgrounds of others to your own personal satisfaction. Please maintain the same caution when meeting with speed daters attending our events as you would when meeting people outside of this event that you do not know.

LSDE intends to offer participants 10-20 speed dates per event but is unable to guarantee any particular quantity. Numbers may be slightly decreased when participants, for whatever reason do not show up to an event that they have registered to be involved in. When booking an event, you agree that neither LSDE nor any of its associates are liable for any damages, direct or indirect that may arise from participating in a Live Speed Dating Event. This includes any damages, without limitation, arising out of communicating with other participants registered for the Live Speed Dating Events. Such damages include, without limitation, emotional distress and discomfort, physical damages or bodily injury.

Live Speed Dating Events are held at venues which LSDE does not own, operate or control. Therefore, in the event that you suffer damages of any kind at a Live Speed Dating Event, you agree to release Live Speed Dating Events, LLC and its associates from any liability with respect thereof. LSDE reserves the right to change venue and timings of events.

By booking onto a Live Speed Dating event or by registering with Live Speed Dating, you accept that speed dating offers an opportunity to meet new people, but that LSDE does not guarantee that any participant at an event will successfully match with another participant. Furthermore, LSDE does not guarantee that any meeting between participants after one of our events will be successful.

LSDE is not liable for any loss or damage of your personal items left at any of our events. All personal items are left at your own risk before, during and after a speed dating event.

Although it is rare, LSDE reserves the right to invite media to attend events, and participation in Live Speed Dating Events is taken as your acceptance that your photo or image may be used within LSDE’s marketing and publicly viewed materials. This includes online, social and published media.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you are agreeing to email us first with any complaint regarding the services provided by Live Speed Dating Events, LLC to give us an opportunity to make amends before posting negative remarks online.

Live Speed Dating Guarantee

At each Live Speed Dating Event, we guarantee that you will meet at least one person that you would like to see again. If you do not meet someone that you would like to see again you are entitled to attend another Live Speed Dating Event for free. When we see that there are no hearts colored in on your cupid card, we will automatically send you a promo code in the email that you can use to register for any future event completely free. If you fill in a heart next to someone that you would like to see again, but you do not receive any matches, you will not qualify for a free seat at a future event. Also, the offer for the free seat at a future event only applies to events that you have not previously booked, and the free seat must be used within six months. We will not issue refunds for places already booked for future events under this guarantee. To qualify for a free seat under this guarantee you must take part in the entire event. If you leave early or do not show up at the event you will not qualify. The guarantee is limited to one free seat per paid for event. The guarantee is only available if no hearts are colored in on your cupid card for any other participant at a speed dating event. It does not apply to parties or other special events.

Live Speed Dating Reviews

Free Drink vouchers are limited to one per customer and will only be issued after a completed review of both LSDE and the Venue you attended has been submitted and displayed on the following sites Google, Yelp, Review Centre or Trust Pilot. All other reviews sites are not participants of the Live Speed Dating Events Free Gift Voucher offer.


Please refer to our cancellation policy below. Refunds will be only issued in accordance with our cancellation policy.


Live Speed Dating Events, LLC is not liable for any damage, without limitation, resulting from use of the Live Speed Dating Events website(s). Although LSDE has made every effort to develop fully secure websites and online booking shopping carts we disclaim liability for any security issue(s) that may occur as a result of using the online booking shopping carts. If you have any technical difficulties when using the website, please contact us.

Pricing Policy

Live Speed Dating Events, LLC reserves the right to change the price of any event at any time. The price paid at the time of booking may change as we get closer to an event, and no monies can be refunded for any differences. LSDE reserves the right to offer discounted prices to selected individuals. Any price change is subject to the supply and demand of a particular event, and we reserve the right to increase the price of an event as well.

Cancellation Policy

1. Cancellation requests are only accepted by email.

2. The Cancellation must come from the registered email address on the account.

3. We issue NO Refunds. However, you may reschedule for a future event

4. Admin Fees vary depending on the time before the event as follows:

Amount of Notice

Can I Reschedule?

Amount Charged to

Reschedule Your Event

7 Days or More



3-6 days


$10 Admin Fee*

Less than 3 days



Anyone who has booked and paid for a Live Speed Dating Event has the right to cancel at any time by sending an email to request a cancellation of their seating registration.

Provided the cancellation request is 7 days or more before the event you will also have the right to reschedule your seat to another event at another time, availability permitting, at no additional charge to you.

If the cancellation request is between 3 and 7 days of an event, you will also have the right to reschedule your seat to another event at another time, availability permitting at no additional seating charge. However, there will be a $10 administrative fee cancellation.

To be fair to everyone else booked for each event, if the cancellation request is within 3 days of an event, there will be no refund. Nor will there be any option to reschedule seating to another event.

LSDE makes every effort to hold speed dating events on the dates, at the times and locations specified on our websites. LSDE does reserve the right to cancel and/or change event dates, times and locations, although this happens quite rarely. In the unlikely event that circumstances dictate that we have to reschedule an event, you will be offered a choice of having your money completely refunded in full, or to reschedule for a future event of your choice offered by LSDE at no additional charge to you. Please note that no additional compensation will be paid.

* Includes events of the same value or less – subject to availability.

Confidentiality of Personal Information

Live Speed Dating Events, LLC understands and respects the importance and privacy of your personal information. We treat your name, email address, age and telephone number as highly confidential data. This information is necessary for us to register you for each event and for us to communicate with you before and after an event. We store this information on a secure database on a secure server.

Please read our complete Privacy Policy Here

Privacy Statement

By participating in a Live Speed Dating Event, you are giving us permission to forward your first name, email address and if you selected further communication via “Voice” or “Text” your contact phone number will also be forwarded to any participants where there is a “Match”. A “Match” is where both parties indicate that they would like to be put in contact with one another. We will not forward any of your details to anyone else without your express permissions.

We may use your email address and/or phone number to contact you about upcoming events and announcements that we believe may be of interest to you. At any time, you may opt out of receiving such communications by sending an email requesting to be unsubscribed from our list.


Despite the fact that Facebook FORCES us to use “Dating Service” as our business category, Live Speed Dating Events, LLC is NOT a match making company, a dating agency nor a dating service.

We provide Speed Dating Events where people can meet one another in a relaxed, safe environment.

We cannot vouch for the marital status, personality or sanity of any participant. It is up to you to research and clarify these details to your own satisfaction.

Live Speed Dating Evens, LLC does not independently screen participants attending their events, therefore we will not be held liable for any damages, direct or indirect, that may in any way arise out of meeting or communicating with anyone met at a Live Speed Dating Event.


All content included on this website including text, graphics, images, charts, buttons, logos and software is the property of Live Speed Dating Events, LLC or its content suppliers, unless otherwise indicated, and is protected by United States and international copyright laws. Material on this website may be reproduced free of charge, provided it is used for non-commercial, informational purposes only. This is subject to the material being reproduced accurately and not used in any misleading, slanderous or degrading context. No resale use may be made of material on this website at any time.

You may use the Live Speed Dating Events logo, without prior permissions only to provide a link to the front page of this site at http://www.livespeeddatingevents.com/

External links from this site do not imply endorsement of the site’s products and services by Live Speed Dating Events, LLC. All other rights reserved.