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My husband and I began our essential oil wellness journey back in 2014.  Since that time the oils and other Young Living products have totally changed our lives!  We have experienced better sleep, less pain, better emotions, and strengthened immune response.

On this page I will highlight just a few of the amazing products offered by Young Living.  Please check the “Products” category in the main menu on this website for the complete collection of products.

Monthly Specials For Members

Once you are a member and have your own wholesale account you can take advantage of free promotional products if your order reaches a certain Personal Volume (PV) level. Click on the button below to view the current promotional products.

Out Of Stock Items

Because the Young Living products are 100% pure and thoroughly tested there are some times when products are out of stock.  This might be due to weather conditions affecting a harvest or a batch of products not meeting the stringent quality standards set by Young Living.  Use the button below to view the current list.

The Young Living Difference

Young Living is different from any other essential oil company on the planet.  To see some details of how Young Living is different, take a look at this short video.

When you become a Young Living member you can purchase Young Living products at wholesale cost and if you wish you can also save on shipping and receive awards.  Once you are a member  your official designation is distributor but there is no obligation to buy any further products or sell products…..ever!

To learn more about the Young Living difference, check out this link.

Seed to Seal Promise

Young Living is the only essential oil company with the seed to seal process.  Unlike other essential oil companies that do not own their own farms, Young Living can control the entire process from the planting of the seed, growing the plants, harvesting, and distilling all the way to the final bottling of the product.  The founder of the company said, “If you don’t know your seed, you don’t know your oil!”. 

Here is a short video that covers some of the scientific details of how the oils are tested to ensure they are 100% correct before they reach the customer.

All Natural Sunscreen Lotion

Young Living also produces an all natural sunscreen lotion with SPF 50 protection.  You can put this product on your skin knowing you are not absorbing toxic chemicals into your body that might affect your health or the health of your family.

You can view more details concerning this wonderful product by clicking here.


Sunscreen Lotion

Einkorn Products

Einkorn wheat is believed to be the most ancient form of wheat, has no gluten, and has a higher percentage of protein than any modern wheat. It features a more natural genetic code – 14 chromosomes instead of 42 – which makes it more compatible with the human body and therefore easier to digest.

Here are some Young Living products that are produced using this exceptional wheat:







Farmer with wheat

Thieves Essential Oil Blend

The special Thieves blend includes select essential oils to create a powerful formula that may help support healthy immune function and contribute to overall wellness when taken as a dietary supplement.

It is also used in a number of other products offered by Young Living that you can use to replace products in your home that might contain toxic or harmful chemicals that can be inhaled or absorbed through your skin.

To see more information regarding the Thieves essential oil blend and the various products that include this blend, look at this brochure.

To see some suggested uses for the Thieves cleaner, refer to this page.


Thieves Essential Oil Blend

All-natural Energy Drink

Many energy drinks contain a mixture of synthetic chemicals and a ton of caffeine. Young Living’s NingXia Nitro is infused with essential oils, botanical extracts, D-ribose, Korean ginseng, and green tea extract, Best of all, it provides a gentle energy boost so you won’t crash later as is the case with many energy drinks.

For more details, refer to this brochure.



Need a quick enery boost?

All-natural Cosmetics

For generations, wearing makeup involved covering your skin with harsh and sometimes toxic chemicals that were then absorbed into your body. Recently, companies have recognized that at a minimum cosmetics should be paraben and phthalate free. The European Union has banned 1,328 ingredients that used to be common in cosmetics. Young Living has taken it a step further and has banned 2,500 ingredients including some so-call “natural” ingredients used by other makeup companies.

Click on the below links to see more details of just some of these Savvy Minerals products.



Eyeshadow palette


Cinnamint lipstick

Savvy Minerals colors



Savvy Minerals