About Persson Technologies

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Persson Technologies is a small web design firm located in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona called San Tan Valley.  We specialize in web design, development, and creation using WordPress. To see some of our work besides this website, head over to the portfolio page.

We can serve customers anywhere in the world but we can meet with customers in the following locations:

Apache Junction, AZ
Gilbert, AZ
Chandler, AZ
Mesa, AZ
Queen Creek, AZ
San Tan Valley, AZ
Scottsdale, AZ
Tempe, AZ
Florence, AZ

More About “Us”

On this website when you see “us” or “we” it is really referring to me, myself, and I. Yes, if you are dealing with Persson Technologies you are really dealing only with me. The website is me, the articles are me, it is all me. You can see a picture of me on this page but it is not really recent. I wanted a photograph of me in a suit and that was taken right after I got married back in 2010. The video on the home page is much more recent.

The thing is, I think a company should be “we” and perhaps someday it will be. When that happens, I don’t want to be forced to re-write 300 web pages so from day one I decided that I would make it sound like we have entire team here because someday we very well might.

My goal is to provide for my customers the very best product at the lowest cost with the best support, period!


Why Did I Start This Company?

I wanted to make money. You were expecting that, weren’t you? To be more specific, the goal was to make a little extra money on the side in the beginning but more importantly I would like to keep making money for many years to come. Corporations everywhere are downsizing and layoffs are becoming more common. I have seen it happen far too many times. An employee is working extra hours saving the day for their company, thinking they are a valued member of their team. Then suddenly they are out in the parking lot without a job wondering what in the world happened. If that someday happens to me – and it quite likely will at some point – I wanted to have a safety net. To be honest, that is really what Persson Technologies is all about.


More About Phil

I have been designing, developing, and supporting software professionally since 1986 on a variety of operating systems including CPM, Guardian 90, DOS, Windows, and Linux. The programming languages I have used include BASIC, COBOL, Pascal, C, VB.NET, Java, and most recently C#.NET. I have been using WordPress for my web design projects since January of 2013 and most of my time has been spent with the Divi theme from Elegant Themes.  I have also designed and built Microsoft SQL and MySQL databases.

Because I love technology, before I became involved with computers I used to tear apart and rebuild color televisions. This was in the dark ages when they still used vacuum tubes. I also used to rebuild antique radios and modern car stereos. I had a great deal of fun but I transitioned out of that world when I discovered the joys of creating computer software at home in 1983.

I grew up in the Chicago area but left behind the cold, snow, humidity, and tornadoes and moved to the Phoenix desert in 2001. The heat does not affect me as much as the cold does. If I have a choice between a 110-degree day in Phoenix and and a minus 10-degree day in Chicago with a stiff wind, the desert sounds like a better choice to me. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed sunshine until I moved to the desert!

Contact me (not us) today so I can help make your web design vision a reality!     PerssonTechnologies@outlook.com