Are Elegant Themes Responsive?

by | Nov 23, 2016

At Persson Technologies we can easily create your website with any of these themes from the Elegant Themes company (you can test drive them!):  However we must ask, are Elegant Themes responsive in all cases?

As it turns out, only 22 of these themes are responsive and will work properly with smartphones and tablets.  Listed here are the responsive themes:

We can easily modify the Divi theme to emulate any other theme as it is designed from the ground up to be responsive.  Having said that, it should also be possible to use Divi to emulate any theme on this page if you locate a theme here that represents your vision regarding how your website should appear:

For more information as to why a responsive theme might be important for your website, look at this article:

NOTE: As of October 2019 the Elegant Themes website has removed all of their themes except for two that are based on Divi technology.  I do not know if they wil be addng more themes in the future but it  is safe to say that all their themes are now responsive.