Are Responsive Websites Necessary?

by | Nov 6, 2016

In this post I am covering the topic of responsive WordPress themes and answering the question, “Are Responsive Websites Necessary?”.  What exactly is a responsive theme, how can you recognize this feature, and why is it important?  

Below this text I am including some screenshots to explain this concept.  I am using as an example a page from the current Persson Technologies website.  In the first example I am showing how the page would appear on a smartphone if the website was not responsive.  The smartphone will shrink the page so it will fit on the screen of the phone.  If the user wants to click on a link they must expand the screen and hope they are clicking on the correct link.  If they want to read an article they must expand the screen until they can read the text.  At this point they are seeing one twentieth of the web page.  Then they must repeatedly scroll across the page to see all the text and the graphics in each article.  This is very time-consuming and tedious!

non-responsive web page image
responsive web page - menu icon highlighted - image
responsive web page menu example - image
responsive web page - image

In the second screenshot above you can see how the responsive web page appears on an iPhone 5.  The theme senses what device you are using and all the content is re-sized so it appears correctly on the device.  The icon with the three lines I have highlighted at the top of the screen allows you to display the website menu which is easily clickable.  The articles and graphics are resized so they appear correctly on the device being used.  The user can use their finger to just scroll down the page and view all the content.

With smartphones seemingly taking over the world we feel it is crucial for business websites to use a responsive theme.