Are Website Backups Important?

by | Nov 26, 2016

Are website backups important?  Just how important are they and how often should you perform backups?

First of all, there are several events that could potentially wipe out your data:

  • Your hosting provider could experience hard drive failures
  • The web server could be infected with a virus that deletes your data
  • A hacker could modify your web pages, deleting your data
  • Your IT staff might be working on your web page and could accidentally delete some data


The next question to ask is how often should you perform backups?  This depends solely upon how often your website changes.  This does not just relate to your pages, graphics, and blog posts but it can also include comments your customers are adding to your posts.  How much data can you afford to lose and can it be recovered?  Can you manually recover a week’s worth of data or a month’s worth?  If this data is gone forever how will it affect your business?

Of course, weekly backups are included in our prepaid maintenance package which is featured on this page.  By signing up for our prepaid maintenance you can be certain that your data is always safe in case a website restore is ever needed.