How To Restore WordPress Without A Backup

I will explain in this article how you can restore WordPress without a backup.  When it comes to WordPress websites, there are a number of components that could possibly become corrupted: The WordPress core files The website theme The plug-ins used on your website...

When NOT To Upgrade Your Website

This is what is happening The new 5.0 version of WordPress was released on December 6, 2018.  This version includes a number of changes, the most revolutionary one being the new Gutenberg Editor.  You can read a preview of the changes to the editor...

How To Use The WordPress Debug Feature

Did you know that if you encounter a fatal error in your website, there is a WordPress debug feature built right into the product? Many people don’t know about WordPress debug and/or don’t know how to use it. Many articles mention this feature but do not...

What To Do If You Encounter A Fatal WordPress Error

What exactly do we mean by a fatal WordPress error and how would you know if one had occurred? In this article we are assuming your website was working perfectly and then:   Some component was updated (click here to see my nightmare update) Someone changed a...

How To Use Divi Tweaks

In this tutorial regarding how to use Divi tweaks we cover how to adjust some of the most commonly used settings in the Divi theme and Divi Builder plug-in

Introduction to Divi

Part three of our tutorial is an introduction to Divi Technology for WordPress which simplifies page layout and adding special modules to your web page.

WordPress Basics

In this tutorial we cover WordPress Basics – how to create and modify pages, posts, and menu items which comprise the majority of website updates.