Choosing Your Domain Name


Choosing your domain name is one of the first steps in designing a website for your business.  There are two parts to a domain name and they are separated by a dot.  The portion to the right of the dot is the domain extension.  Below are some common examples to get you started but there is an exhaustive list here:

      • biz
      • com
      • jobs
      • travel
      • net
      • org
      • pro
      • info
      • name

The section to the left of the dot can be whatever you desire.  It can be the name of your company (,,  This should be something simple for your customers to remember but it should not be too long as it is then more difficult to remember and also not as easy to type in the URL line of a web browser.

Domain names are not case sensitive and they must be unique across the entire planet.  Therefore, is the same as and PERSSONTECHNOLOGIES.COM.  However, is a totally different domain.  When you purchase your domain you do have the option of purchasing all the similar domains so they all lead to your website.  The .com extension is listed here first as it is still the gold standard for commercial business:




Also, once they are created they cannot be easily changed.  You would need to purchase a new domain name, move your website over to the new domain, and then terminate your lease on the old domain name.

Let us know if you need help in choosing your domain name.