Choosing Your Hosting Provider


Choosing your hosting provider is an important step as the hosting provider will provide the web server where your website resides, the database where your data resides, the software needed to run your website, and the infrastructure required for all the pieces to communicate with each other and also connect to the Internet.

If your website is down or is slow, Persson Technologies cannot help as we are not hosting your website.  We configure it but we do not support any of the infrastructure, that is the responsibility of your hosting provider.  Therefore, choosing a quality hosting provider is of critical importance.

To find current reviews of hosting providers, Google “hosting provider” 2016 review (with the current year) and be sure to read several reviews to get an overall picture.  See what the actual users are saying who have used the top rated hosting providers.


Items to consider in making this very important decision

  1. Speed –  How does the speed of hosted websites compare with other hosting providers?  Is their system cached and optimized for WordPress?
  2. Reliability – How many outages have they recently experienced and how long were the outages?
  3. Quality of support –  Based on the reviews from actual users, if they experienced an issue were they able to reach someone knowledgeable and helpful in a timely fashion?


While it might be tempting to sign up with a hosting provider that offers a lower price, does this mean that your website will be down more often?  Will it take several seconds for each page to load causing potential customers to try the website of a competitor?  In the event that you encounter technical difficulties is someone readily available to help?

How difficult is it to configure your account?  Will you need to pay a developer $200 to make a simple change?  I used to be with a hosting provider that not only did not offer free SSL (it was $70 a year) but the configuration was so complicated that it took me hours to get it installed.  My current hosting provider offers free SSL and it took five minutes to install.  

If you later decide the lower cost hosting provider is not the right fit for your business it could cost a significant amount of money for someone to move your website and this could also entail hours of downtime for your business.

Here are some additional considerations:

  • How much disk space will be included?
  • Can your website have unlimited visitors each month?
  • Does it include a free domain?
  • How many email accounts are included?
  • Do they have 24/7 technical support?
  • Does it include features such as free SSL, daily backups, daily malware scans, and CDN (if that is a requirement for your site)?


At Persson Technologies we recommend using Linux servers because we believe they are more reliable than Windows servers and it makes no difference to WordPress what platform you are using.  We have always used GoDaddy for our websites but there are other fine hosting companies out there. 

Let us know if you need any help in choosing your hosting provider.


UPDATE: As of this moment (December 9, 2017) we are very impressed with SiteGround. At no extra charge, they include an SSL certificate and CDN (Content Delivery Network) – which is crucial if you have customers scattered across the planet and your website needs to appear fast on all continents. There is more information concerning them here: PC Magazine article on SIteGround.

UPDATE: There is a very good article here from March of 2018 comparing various hosting companies: Choosing the best hosting option.  Be certain to read the comments from people who are actually using these companies to learn from their experience.