Frequently Asked Questions

Price and Time Questions

What is your current rate?

Our current rate is $50 per hour which includes the creation of your website and any subsequent updates.  We do not charge for the initial consultation where we discuss your requirements.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Currently we deal exclusively with PayPal.  We do not have any method by which we can accept credit card payments.
How much does a web site typically cost?
The cost of creating your web site depends solely upon the amount of time we spend creating it.  If it is a simple web site, you have all the graphics lined up and the copy (text) you want included on each page it could cost under $500.  However, this is rare.  Our services do not include the cost of the domain name or hosting account as those are handled by your hosting provider.
How long does it take to create a website?
That depends upon the complexity of the site, how well the customer is prepared with graphics and copy (text), and how much time is spent revising the website after it is created.  There is no set amount of time as this can vary widely depending upon the circumstances.

Theme Questions

What if I already have a theme that I have purchased?

We can certainly work with your theme, taking advantage of the features in the Divi theme with your theme by using a plug-in called the Divi Builder.  However, if your theme is not an Elegant Theme listed on this page of themes your website will not be eligible for our pre-paid maintenance plan.

Can a website be created without using the Divi theme or Divi Builder?
Yes, this is possible but it would take more time and money to accomplish this.  Also, maintenance of the website would be more difficult for a small company with no IT staff.  With Divi everything can be updated using a WYSIWYG (what you see if what you get) interface.  Without this, positioning sections on the web page would require an advanced knowledge of CSS.  However, a very simple website would not be difficult to create and maintain.
Can a Divi website use WordPress plug-ins that are not included in Divi?
Absolutely!  Divi is just a theme that is installed in WordPress.  All the normal WordPress features are still there and functioning.
When you create a website do you always use a child theme?

We used to always create a child theme but as of May of 2021 this is no longer needed with Divi.  All header, footer, and CSS modifications can be stored in the MySQL database for the website.  This makes a child theme unnecessary.

Hosting Questions

Why don't you provide web hosting?
We could purchase web hosting accounts and then sell those same accounts to our customers at a higher cost but we have decided our customers should deal directly with the hosting provider to save money.  Also, if there are hosting tech support issues the customer can receive faster support if they deal directly with the hosting provider.  We will be available for technical assistance if needed
What web hosting company do you recommend?
We have always used GoDaddy and have not had any complaints.  However, we have seen positive reviews on the web for other hosting companies as well.  For more details, refer to our page containing guidelines for choosing a hosting provider.
Can WordPress be used on Linux or Windows servers?
Yes, WordPress is platform independent.