How To Design Your Website


What the customer does (with our assistance at every step):

  •  Works with a web hosting company to reserve the domain name and create the website (we currently use SiteGround and can provide guidance in this area).  For more information to aid in choosing a domain name, click here.  For a list of items to consider in choosing a hosting provider, refer to this page: Choosing your hosting provider.
  • Determines the initial look, feel, and functionality of the website so we have a starting point.  This is not set in stone, it can always be changed as the customer discovers the possible features that can be added.  To see an example of how a website can change over time, check out this article: Tips for designing your websiteWe use WordPress as the content management system for the websites we build.  For more details of why WordPress is the best solution, look at this page: Why we use WordPressTo define the basic parameters in WordPress you can choose a theme or we can emulate a theme using Divi.  To learn more on the topic of themes, read this article: Curing WordPress theme confusion.  Regardless of which theme you choose we include the Divi Builder at no extra charge with the theme if it is not already included.  For more information regarding the Divi theme and the Divi Builder plug-in look at: Why we use Divi technology.
  • Provides any graphics that are to be used on the website (all graphics and images must be created by you or they must be licensed for your use).
  •  Provides the text to be included on any web page.
  •  Defines how the menu should appear and how it should function
  •  Makes available to us their logon ID, password, customer number, account pin, and any other information needed by our staff to access their web hosting account.  The customer can change the  password and pin if desired when our staff completes the website setup.

Please note that Persson Technologies is licensed to use images from Elegant Themes for website creation.  Also as of February of 2020 these websites contain royalty-free images that can be used on websites:


To aid in the website design the customer should consider these questions:

1. What sort of websites are used by your competitors?
2. What features do you like on those sites that you want on yours?
3. Do you have videos or graphics you want to include on your site?
4. How many pages do you need? Which pages need to appear in the menu?
5. What copy (text) do you want on each page and how should it be laid out?
6. What is the overall message you want to convey to your customers?
7. Do you want to include a blog on your website? This is a great way to announce new products or services and you can allow your customers to comment on your blogs if they have questions.

Note: To view some design elements you might want to include in your website, refer to this article: Web page design ideas.

What our staff does:

  • Install WordPress on the customer site using the account information from the customer.
  • Install and configure the theme as specified by the customer.
  • Add the text and graphics to all pages as specified by the customer
  • Create the menu system as defined by the customer.
  • Test and verify all menu links, page links, and clickable pictures to verify they work correctly and will repair them as needed.
  • Add and configure any modules as desired by the customer.
  • Provide documentation to help the customer modify the pages and menus.


Please let us know if you need any additional details regarding how to design your website, we would be glad to help in any way we can.