How To Enable WordPress Large Uploads By Changing The WordPress Upload Limit

by | May 27, 2017

This article will discuss how to enable WordPress large uploads by changing the WordPress upload limit.  In some cases this is not really required and there might be a far easier solution.

Is WordPress driving you crazy with error messages indicating that files are too large to be uploaded? This would make sense if you were attempting to add a huge video. However, why would it say this if you are just trying to upload a theme or plug-in? This is not actually a limitation of WordPress, this is dictated by PHP.  This is the software used by WordPress to make all the magic happen behind the scenes. The default upload file limit is 2MB which is very small.  A WordPress theme can easily hit that limit to say nothing of music or video files.

Here is a screenshot showing the error message that results when you bypass the file size limit and this is also where you can view your current limit setting:

How to view upload limit
The best guide I have found to guide you through changing this setting can be found here:

I use GoDaddy as my hosting service and in my case I had to upload my own php.ini file in order to change these PHP settings. Once the file was updated it took a number of hours before the server applied the new limit so I could begin my uploads.

You will notice that in the article it recommends that you never set this over 128 MB (just ignore my setting, I was experimenting). How can you add a large video to your website? High resolution videos can easily be over 500 MB!

In Divi there is a very easy solution:

  1. Create a new folder in the root of the WordPress web site called LargeVideos
  2. Use FTP to upload all the video files there
  3. When adding the videos in Divi using the video module just enter the URL
Add video using URL
I hope this article allows you to easily upload the files you need to use in WordPress.