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Here is our portfolio showing the details of some of the websites we have worked on in the past, including the history behind them and how they were built.



Justin Gallery

Justin Photo Gallery Website

This website was an experiment a friend of mine suggested as a challenge.  He wanted to be able to display a gallery of photographs and requested these features:

  1. There would be several categories of photographs and there should also be a method to display just one category or all categories.
  2. On desktop/laptop machines the image title should be hidden until a mouse hover event causes the title to appear on the image along with a border around the image.
  3. Upon clicking on the image a full screen version should be displayed.
  4. The image gallery should be displayed properly on smartphones and tablets.Therefore, each row of images should shrink based on the screen width of the device being used.

I began by locating a free plugin that would display the photographs in the gallery layout the customer requested.  I hid the image titles and then modified the CSS settings so a hover event would display the title on top of each image.  Because the plugin was not designed to be responsive and did not work properly with mobile devices, I modifies the CSS settings.  This allowed the rows of images to automatically adjust based on the screen width.



Live Speed Dating Events

Live Speed Dating Events Website

The customer created the original website using Microsoft Expression Web. She wanted the website converted to WordPress to take advantage of the huge selection of WordPress plugins available.  This needed to be an exact duplicate of the old site, including the colors and the layout.  Also, the customer did not want the website re-designed to display properly on mobile devices.  If you review this website, be certain to also view this page:  List Of Events

I was able to duplicate the two main pages in WordPress for this customer and I also provided documentation explaining how to update the details for each dating event.  Since the page is so complicated and difficult to update I suggested an easier solution.  I could create an application that would automatically re-generate the web page from event details in an Excel spreadsheet.  When new events were scheduled she would simply update the spreadsheet and then click a button.  The customer was evaluating this concept when her funding was withdrawn and she consequently cancelled the project.





Oils For Home And Health

Oils For Home And Health Website

This was a website I created for my wife Pam’s essential oil business using the Divi theme. Her old website was going away due to a legal dispute and she needed a replacement. I imported all her blog entries from her old website and we started to add some features. However, she decided to instead go with a company that offered extra features that were not being offered by Persson Technologies such as online essential oil classes.



Juvenate Healing

Juvenate Healing Website

This is a website I was creating for a friend who was starting a new business. In this case I once again used the Divi theme and I created the logo in GIMP based on her specifications.  This project was canceled and they requested that I remove the project from the web so customers could not be sent to this development version by mistake.



East Valley Acupuncture and Laser

AcuRenewAZ website home page

We worked with this customer to create this website and used this Divi template as a starting point: Divi Acupuncture Theme 

Along the way we customized it with the customer’s design preferences and also added plugins to enable appointment scheduling and pricing tables. This is a prime example of how you can start with a basic template and modify it to be your own creation. The template is just a starting point, basically the skeleton of what you can eventually create for your company with our assistance.

In Conclusion

The websites in our portfolio above will give you some idea of the projects we have tackled here at Persson Technologies.  However, the best example of what we have created is the Persson Technologies website you are viewing now!

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