Why Should You Not Use Wix?

by | Dec 31, 2016

We have seen many articles and reviews praising the features of Wix. Here is what these articles claim:

1. You can choose a beautiful theme, drag and drop items onto pages, and create your website in no time.
2. Everything will work perfectly regardless of the platform you are using – desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
3. All the plug-ins will work perfectly as they are developed by Wix.
4. The support staff at Wix is superior to other support staffs


Why should you not use Wix? Here is the opposing view that we have read from customers who have actually used Wix:

1. Once you choose a theme with Wix, you are locked into that theme – if you decide to move to a new theme you must re-enter all your data. If you use WordPress, you can easily change to a new theme at any time and all your data will move with you (although some tweaking might be needed). There are drag-and-drop tools available for WordPress that will make updating your website as easy as using Wix and Persson Technologies can include one of these at no extra charge.
2. Customers who have been using Wix reported the formatting was not as expected when switching platforms between desktop, tablet, and smartphone.
3. Customers have reported various problems with the plug-ins provided with the Wix platform. If you are using WordPress you can download and try a wide variety of different plug-ins for each desired module and Persson Technologies will be here to help at every step of the journey.
4. Some customer reviews have reported that Wix customer support is terrible. If your website is on the Wix system, no one else can help you as you are limited to their support.


Here are the freedoms you have with WordPress that you do not have with Wix:

1. You have control of the theme you are using – at any time you can totally change the appearance of your website by going to a new theme. (There will likely be some items that will require customization after moving to any new theme.)
2. At any time you can install a new plug-in if you locate one that better addresses the needs of your company.
3. You can easily move your website to a different hosting company if you like. (To be clear there is some work involved but this is not even possible with Wix. If you want to leave Wix you will need to re-enter all your content in the new site.)
4. If you are not receiving the support you need from your web developer you can hire a new web development company (such as Persson Technologies).

In conclusion, if you build your website with Wix you are forever limited to your one theme, their plug-ins, their hosting service, and their support staff. In our opinion, it is unwise for a small business to limit their future options in this fashion. We at Persson Technologies believe that your business should be nimble and ready to respond to the needs of your customers.

Weebly and Squarespace are very similar and might have many of the same limitations.