Why We Use Divi Technology

(The Divi theme and the Divi Builder plugin)

Divi Theme Logo
We need to explain why we use Divi Technology for the websites we create.  The Divi theme and the Divi Builder plug-in are created by the Elegant Themes company.  Persson Technologies has chosen to standardize on these modules for these reasons:

  1. By using Divi technology the website can be created in a shorter amount of time which will save money for our customers and get their business on the web faster. 
  2. Using these modules it is very easy to modify the website – in many cases the customer can apply the updates themselves.
  3.  A wide variety of  plug-ins are included in Divi – which means they will work flawlessly and there is no need to search the web for plug-ins without knowing if they will work properly.
  4.  By concentrating on these modules we will be experts at configuring them and addressing any issues.

You can view more details of the Divi theme on this page: https://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/divi/

Here is a quick video to introduce you to the Divi concept, this is how Divi appeared years ago and it can still be used in this mode.

Divi can now be used in “visual mode” where you are modifying the web page as you are viewing it.  This will allow Persson Technologies to create your web page faster and more accurately.

To get an idea of what can be done with the Divi theme take a look at the Persson Technologies website and also these sample websites which showcase features that we could easily add to your website:
For more in-depth details of the various modules that can be added to any page in your website, look at the modules below.  Keep in mind that all these features are included in the theme at no extra charge.

**Please note that we can create your website without using Divi technology**

We can use the old method of adding plain text HTML and customizing it using CSS parameters.  This will increase the time needed to create the website and website maintenance will be more complex.